The Beauty of a Second Home

The Beauty of a Second Home

When recently interviewed for lifestyle magazine Urban Agenda's article "Home Away From Home" Jeff shared a few thoughts.   "After working with many clients on their second or non-primary residence, I find that people tend to extend invitations to their second home that are maybe different from their primary home -- extended family, acquaintances, old friends from earlier phases of life -- they like to share their special spot."  

15 spring lake study interior design with fireplace

Both in your attitude and in your design thinking Jeff suggests that clients "be ready for spontaneous guests -- sleeping, eating, entertaining."  For example, extra dining chairs decoratively placed on the side of the room to pull up for dinner, creative murphy beds for extra sleeping guests, and multiple seating areas for lounging and casual entertaining. 

Click here to read the full article, "Home Away From Home" or to see more Coastal Homes

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