How do you design a Modern Library?

How do you design a Modern Library?

With the increased interest in technology I am finding that more and more of my clients read on their tablets and smartphones.  So then, what do we fill our bookcases with to make a room comfortable and inviting?

The bookcase featured at the J. Butler Collection this summer was a uniquely designed piece inspired from my design vision about wanting warmth but not a lot of clutter.  The bookcase to the left is actually photographic images of antique books. The images have been enlarged and color corrected to have a charcoal tone.  Applied to a flat back of a true bookcase, my project manager built out moldings to add dimension.  They are then covered with plexiglass which under a spotlight provides a pristine polish to a room…whether the room is traditional, transitional or contemporary.

With Symmetry comes a Sense of Calmness
A Touch of Autumn


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Sunday, 14 July 2024

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