Scouted as a Premiere Wedding Site with Style

Scouted as a Premiere Wedding Site with Style

This summer The Bernards Inn was scouted by the Northern New Jersey Scout Guide as one of NJ's most revered locations for weddings.  In her blog post, Weddings at the Bernards Inn, editor Heather Cundey understands the marriage of elegance and trusted service; beautiful presentation and superb cuisine; and classic ambiance with room for personal expression.  All of these are necessary to create a spectacular wedding or special event.  As the resident in-house designer for the Bernards Inn, Jeffrey's distinctive sense of style is found throughout the Inn...fine fabrics and textures in the guest rooms, unique design details in each of the private rooms for entertaining, and seasonal touches in the lobby and restaurant.  

Couples also have the option of working with Jeffrey to tailor the wedding to their taste at the Inn. Jeffrey's Signature Style of Entertaining provides the couple the opportunity to work closely with Jeffrey to explore your particular style and let Jeffrey create an event beyond your expectations.

Congratulations to the Inn for being "Scouted".  Learn and See more HERE.

Dressing Up Drumthwacket for the Holidays
Interview with the Designer, Jeffrey B. Haines

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