J. Butler Collection featured in Aspire NJ Magazine

J. Butler Collection featured in Aspire NJ Magazine

Very soon the cream linen shades will be lifted, the truck will be unloaded and another season at our Nantucket shop,  the J. Butler Collection, will begin.

The story of the J. Butler Collection was recently featured in Aspire NJ Magazine.  The article,  "Price of Tides & Treasures,"  tells the story of the various seasons of J. Butler Collection and how I transform the space each year.

Have you ever been to Nantucket?  Do you know the story behind my store?  30 miles off the Cape Cod shore, a 2 1/2 hour ferry ride away (or 45 minutes if you prefer efficiency over the mental slow down of the slow ferry), Nantucket is a beautiful oasis.  Special for its natural landscape, grounded in its cobblestone streets, crooked brick sidewalks, and historical architecture.  My boutique retail store began out of the inspiration I found on the island, the enjoyment I found shopping along these cobblestone streets, and the desire to create a unique collection of interior pieces for those who appreciate the classic and subtle yet nuanced beauty of Nantucket.

Each season is a different opportunity for me to draw on new inspiration -- sometimes from nature, fashion trends, my travels -- pick a new color to build off of and create a new feel or vibe for the shop.

Our doors are open and I hope you will stop in if you are on island.



Link to our article, "Prince of Tides & Treasures" 

Link to the Aspire NJ Spring issue




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